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Electronic Referral System

How we do it?

You can request an electronic referral system in real-time for any plan that requires a referral. If you as a doctor are a part of an Independent Practice Association (IPA), you should follow current referral procedures for members in Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. If a plan requires a referral, the Primary Care Physician (PCP) should request one electronically for all specialist visits, including visits to a hospital clinic.

How referrals function?

A referral from your primary care physician can cover a period from 90 days to a year. On most occasions, referrals for oncology, rheumatology and renal administration are issued for one year. Your primary care doctor will tell you when your referral is endorsed, or we at Doctors Back Office will send you a letter via mail, explaining you the status of the referral.

When you get your referral, your doctor can arrange any medicinally fundamental treatment for you until the referral terminates. If the physician prescribes that you see another specialist, you'll have to organize another referral with your PCP for that care.

The referral is accessible for use until it terminates as described above or all visits are utilized, whichever comes first. Referrals for Managed Choice and Elect Choice plan members are considerable for one year from the first issue date.

If you have to change any data on the current referral, send another referral request. You'll get a new Eligibility Authorization Services number which can be handed over to the plan member or the physician overseeing the treatment.

Benefits of using Doctors Back Office Electronic Referral Program:

Quick Scheduling

Insurance providers can include insurance data, location, and their electronic signatures to have the capacity to send referrals quickly just by overcoming some simple steps. The doctor’s office then has the ability to schedule promptly, which brings about a simple, hassle free process for the patient to get treatment Pre Authorization Services

Adhering to Medicare Compliance

The electronic referral system is intended to guide insurance carriers through the process of composing Medicare complaint referrals and enhances general physician practice management. Our question and answer proposal guarantees that all referrals meet Medicare pre-requisites.

Go paperless, Spare Time and Save Money

Global Source referral system is an online administration whereby insurance carriers can send electronic referrals straight to their preferred diagnostic facility. This administration eases providers of relying on patients to plan their procedures. It likewise eliminates the need to fill out forms on the paper, thus making you go paperless.

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