Home Handheld Digital Recorder

With our portable digital recorders, embrace the next generation of healthcare record keeping. Improve productivity, accuracy, and flexibility to focus solely on providing exceptional patient care.

DoctorsBackOffice offers cutting-edge portable digital recorders that transform your medical practice. Our portable digital recorders offer fascinating capabilities designed for medical professionals, ensuring seamless and effective transcribing.

Using handheld digital recorders, there is no need to “sit” on the phone while flipping through pages of medical reports looking for a lab value or referring physician. Simply “pause” your dictation and continue when you’re ready.

There is no need to make multiple phone calls to a dictation system to add information that was received after the initial dictation. Just record a quick addendum and it becomes part of the original report when delivered.

The handheld digital recorder plugs into your pc or laptop and uploads your Dictations automatically to our server which is IMMEDIATELY available for transcription.

We provide our clients with a handheld digital recorder and a small application which securely and automaticaly transfers dictations automatically to our server and deliver transcribed reports back to clients system on their desktops.