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Insurance Eligibility Verification

Effective revenue cycle management and increasing number of cash cycles is the underlying value on which our billing processes are built. A trained team, using leading-edge technology and working within the compliance framework will allow you to focus on your core. As a healthcare professional, one of the most

 important task a doctor is concerned about is patient care and consideration involved. However, financial side of healthcare business also needs a firm back up, wherein revenue leakages should be avoided. Hence, before a doctor provides patient care, it is imperative to check insurance status of patient, it determines how you get paid. .

Majority of doctors might not have enough time to supervise Insurance Eligibility Verification. Most of the doctors have in house staff for checking patients eligibility. Its commonly observed, office staff doing patient eligibility is busy with other clinical tasks towards patient care and hence they may not not have enough time to complete Eligibility and Pre-Authorization tasks productively. This often leads to a circumstance where doctors don’t receive due reimbursement on time from payors for services rendered.

Insurance Eligibility Verification is primary and most important process which further helps the billing process. It guarantees elements such as: Insurance plan type, effective dt, termination dt, in network/out of network, coverage benefits, referral valid dates, authorization/referrals, co-pay, deductibles, co-insurance, out of pocket expenses, expenses met, payor representative name, call reference no, date verified and much more.

DoctorsBackOffice”, is successfully providing, Insurance Verification/Pre-Authorization Services to individual practicing physicians and multi specialty clinics. We leverage their in-house staff and minimizes delayed reimbursement claims.

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