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Not Outsourcing? You're Paying Too Much !

For decades, the healthcare community has realized the benefits of outsourcing, not only to improve quality but to control costs. At “DoctorsBackOffice”, we aim to partner with hospitals, clinics and private practices of all sizes and plan cost saving measures. We’ve helped facilities save hundred thousands of dollars annually by simply moving from an in-house to outsourced transcription model.

No Fixed Costs

"DoctorsBackOffice", makes transcription costs truly variable. With us, there are no upfront/fixed transcription cost, You only pay for whatever you use. If you choose us, savings are immediately realized from our per line fees, which are the lowest in the industry. Our rates are starting as low as 6 cents a line*

Increased Focus

Running a transcription department within a healthcare facility is often a drain on resources and keeps administrators and doctors occupied with mundane issues that can be easily outsourced. Smooth running of a transcription department becomes a priority and a full time job for many, and takes away precious resources that could be better spent on patient-care. In addition, outsourcing frees up valuable office space a much sought after resource at most healthcare facilities.

Shrinking Labor Force

Independent studies indicate that the number of qualified transcription professionals in the U.S. is reducing steadily. According to the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance (MTIA), the decrease is about 20% every year. This trend makes it necessary for a healthcare facility to be prepared in case there is an acute shortage of transcription professionals in its area. Outsourcing addresses this problem effectively. Today, outsourcing offers better quality and guarantees healthcare facilities in terms of accuracy, turn-around-time, and customer service.

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