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At "DoctorsBackOffice", posting EOB's is one of the key processes that gets utmost attention from our operations management. Payments in lieu of claims, which are received from Payer and Patients, are posted in billing system for claims reconciliation. Posting EOB's is handled according to client-specific rules that would indicate the cut-off levels to take adjustments, write-offs, refunds etc.

When a doctors office delays in depositing the Payer checks or sending the ERAs and EOBs for posting, then a negative balance prevails for that claim, which gives a negative representation of the actual scenario. This negative representation would show an inflated AR, resulting in Physicians not knowing exactly how much revenue is due to them.

Patient Cash Posting

There could be several reasons why patient needs to pay a part of expenses including co-pays, deductible and non-covered services. If amount due from patients is very minimal, Provider can set a mandate for taking write-offs. If amount is large, then it should be collected from patients either prior to or after rendering the services. Patients typically pay through checks or credit cards (via patient portals) and these need to be correctly accounted against the claim to avoid any inflated AR and proper closing of the claim.

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