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Radiology medical billing services

Radiology medical billing services

Medical billing for radiology necessitates a thorough understanding of CPT codes and relevant modifiers. As radiologists, your exposure to medical bills may be restricted by diagnostic priorities. Furthermore, unfulfilled medical billing that result in a delay, denial, or resubmission of claims cannot be justified by therapeutic considerations. For the whole range of radiological services doctorsbackoffice, provides automated medical billing management to help reduce these unfavourable billing outcomes.


We specialize in optimizing billing processes for radiology practices, ensuring maximum collections through our expertise in commonly used CPT codes, modifiers, and advanced billing software solutions.

Radiology plays a critical role in modern healthcare, providing diagnostic imaging services that aid in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. However, the complexities of billing and coding in radiology can be challenging, requiring specialized knowledge and attention to detail. That’s where DoctorsBackOffice steps in to streamline your billing operations and maximize your revenue potential.


One of our key strengths is our deep understanding of commonly used CPT codes and modifiers in radiology billing.

We are well-versed in coding for a wide range of radiology procedures, including but not limited to:

  1. Diagnostic Radiology (e.g., X-rays, MRIs, CT scans)
  2. Interventional Radiology (e.g., angiography, biopsies, catheter placements)
  3. Nuclear Medicine (e.g., PET scans, bone scans, thyroid scans)
  4. Radiation Oncology (e.g., radiation therapy, brachytherapy)
  5. Ultrasound (e.g., abdominal ultrasound, fetal ultrasound)
  6. Mammography (e.g., screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms)

We understand the importance of using appropriate modifiers to accurately represent services provided and ensure proper reimbursement. Common modifiers in radiology billing, such as – TC (Technical Component) and -26 (Professional Component), are utilized effectively by our team to distinguish between different aspects of radiology procedures and services.


Our expertise extends to utilizing advanced billing software solutions tailored for radiology practices. Whether you use industry-standard software like Merge, MedInformatix, or a custom EMR system, we have the capabilities to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure. Our team is proficient in standard CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) procedures, and supply codes specific to radiology services.

DoctorsBackOffice has a successful track record of working with leading commercial carriers, including Humana, HCSC, Aetna, Blue Cross Group, UnitedHealth, WellPoint, and many others.


We understand the unique billing requirements and reimbursement policies of each carrier, allowing us to navigate claims processing efficiently and optimize collections for our clients.

Our radiology medical billing services encompass the entire revenue cycle management process, including:



Patient Eligibility Verification: Ensuring patients’ insurance coverage and eligibility before services are rendered.

Claims Submission: Timely and accurate submission of claims with appropriate coding and documentation.

Denial Management: Proactive management of claim denials, including appeals and resubmissions when necessary.

Payment Posting and Reconciliation: Accurate posting of payments and reconciliation of accounts to track revenue.

Reporting and Analytics: Providing detailed reports and analytics to track key performance indicators and identify areas for improvement.

Partnering with DoctorsBackOffice, empowers radiology practices to focus on delivering high-quality patient care while we handle the intricacies of billing and revenue management.

Our dedicated team of billing experts is committed to maximizing your collections, reducing billing errors, and optimizing your practice’s financial health.