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Simplify Your Back Office Operations

Revenue Cycle Management

1. Our claims are submitted accurately in a timely manner, guaranteed.

2. We promise that you will see a significant increase in your cash flow.

3. We bill electronically and aggressively pursue unpaid claims with an outstanding record of reducing turnaround time for all of our clients.
4. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques in the medical billing industry.
5. We provide detailed reports on a regular basis, allowing you to track account receivables and again, or to customize a report that will suit your needs. We also offer a more hands on option. Let us put your practice at your fingertips!
6. We at DoctorsBackOffice, are proud of our company, our staff, and the services we provide. Reduction in Errors for Maximum Reimbursement.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

1. Getting Schedules of patients by EDI, email or fax or check them consistently in the appointment scheduling software.
2. Confirm patients’ healthcare coverage with primary and secondary payers by making calls to them and checking through authorized portals. We likewise contact patients for extra information, if required
3. Update the medical billing framework with verification details, for example, “Patient name, MRN, DOS, Insurance, DOB, Insurance ID Group, Insurance Plan Type, Patient effective dt, Patient Termination dt, In Network/Out of Network, Referral Valid Dates, Authorization/referrals, Co-pay, Deductions, Co- insurance, Out of pocket expenses, Insurance Representative Name, Call Reference No, Date Verified”
4. If there are any concerns with regards to a patient’s qualification, we inform the doctor’s office immediately.

Medical Transcription

1. Flexible dictation options (Tollfree or Handheld digital recorders).
2. Trained and skilled transcribers having good working hands on Nextgen,eclinical works, office fusion and other EMR’s/EHR’s.
3. Real-Time Reporting: Run reports to track your practice metrics
4. 24/7/365 operations to support demanding turn-around time
5 Rigorous quality control systems and processes
6 Secured delivery mechanism fully compliant with HIPAA
7 Fast and reliable customer support.
8 Rate starting as low as 6 cents per a line.

EHR Data Management

1 Filing Patients Insurance Information form to patient’s charts
2 Data Entry of Medical Records to patients charts
3 Data Entry of patient’s dempgraphics to patients charts
4 Filing Medical Records to patient’s charts in EMR