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Revenue Cycle Management

Effective revenue cycle management and increasing the number of cash cycles is the underlying value on which our billing processes are built. A trained team, using leading-edge technology and working within the compliance framework will allow you to focus on your core capabilities, leaving the routine and mundane to us.

No expenditure, no gaps and no revenue loss. We work on your billing software. We will work seamlessly with your existing software or electronic medical record and practice management system to replicate your processes, for equivalent or better results.

Our highly specialized team will help you eliminate complexity in your practice. We do this by focusing on reducing errors, and improving overall billing efficiency and charge capture. We will work hard to provide you with true insight and increased value.

Reimbursement cuts, stricter coding compliance rules, and evolving federal requirements can have a large financial impact on your practice.

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We ensure accuracy on all accounts, providing you with the best picture of your practice. Our ongoing process allows you to stay client-focused and confident in your bottom line.

Claims Submission

Timely Claims submission is one of the most vital requirement of a hospital or clinic as it is an

CPT ICD-10 Coding

We provide assistance to physicians and healthcare organization to code diagnoses, procedures, and services

Payment Posting

On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled.

Denials Analysis and Management

Denial management is all about bringing the number of denials down to the lowest

Accounts Receivables Management

Nothing is important to Physician or Hospital other than having a streamlined RCM system

Collection Support

Billing errors, insurance underpayments, self-pay bad debt result in 13% of a hospital's lost revenue each year

Why Choose DoctorsBackOffice as your billing partner ?

Imagine, a day without the stress of dealing with insurance companies. Imagine having a professional billing service acting as your advocate.

Have more time to focus on your practice! DoctorsBackOffice, can make those dreams a reality!

1. Our claims are submitted accurately in a timely manner, guaranteed.

2. We promise that you will see a significant increase in your cash flow.

3. We bill electronically and aggressively pursue unpaid claims with an outstanding record of reducing turnaround time for all of our clients.

4. We pride ourselves in keeping up with latest technologies and techniques in medical billing industry.

5. We provide detailed reports on a regular basis, allowing you to track accounts receivables, customize a report that will suit your needs. We also offer a more hands on option. Let us put your practice at your fingertips !

6. We at DoctorsBackOffice, are proud of our company, our staff, and the services we provide. Reduction in Errors for Maximum Reimbursement.