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Nothing is more important to Physician or Hospital other than having a streamlined Revenue Cycle Management system and to have exceedingly productive Accounts Receivable. Its, Revenue Management perquisites that determine financial stability of a practice to make a decent living. Whether you outsource all RCM related administration or the vital AR undertakings, you can rely on "DoctorsBackOffice", to bring your practice respectable net profits for your services.

Our partnership with physicians, clinics and hospitals over the years has resulted in gaining great benefits for all. We not only improve your AR, but also minimize lost reimbursements by amplifying your viability at collecting unpaid claims.

"DoctorsBackOffice", deals with all basic capacities required in AR administration including filing of appeals, evaluating insurance co-pays, updating insurance contracts, overseeing unapplied balances, managing refunds, and processing patients details and delinquency letters.

24/7 Help Desk and Tele-callers – Our team of professionals not only help you in lessening the AR days and denied claims, but also offer round the clock customer help desk service with Tele-callers for your service.

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